Standard Digital News – 13 Egyptian Christians kidnapped in Libya

A message to christians globally

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Kenya:WELCOME my1963 CARD and…

Numbers don’t lie.Facts do have that Kenya or Kenia as the Spanish would say is quite advancing.And the reality sooner or later is that our country would be well off.In an advancing world and with African countries trying race against “technological time” to match up the ‘other’ world, embracing this technology is key.
And with the recent launch of my1963 card by telecommunication company,Safaricom,to cater for the payment of transport in the public service vehicles as per now I can say it all is not rosy.And we might be headed for the worst.
Remember that guy who stands at the terminus inorder to put in him pocket atleast 10 shillings per matatu,where will he go.To crime?
Since this is the truth. The tout gives those guys the money not from his pocket,remember.So,will he get his money out at every stand?
This is a process that is dangerous. There should be ways on how to absorb this guys in a way or another.
Think About It.

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Why One ‘Big Idea’ Won’t Save the World


In the late ’90s, an MIT economics professor named Michael Kremer wanted to find out if school kids in Kenya were better served by being given free textbooks or medicine that would eradicate stomach worms. Reports Michael Hobbes in The New Republic:

The deworming pills made the kids noticeably better off. Absence rates fell by 25 percent, the kids got taller, even their friends and families got healthier. By interrupting the chain of infection, the treatments had reduced worm infections in entire villages. Even more striking, when they tested the same kids nearly a decade later, they had more education and earned higher salaries. The female participants were less likely to be employed in domestic services.

And compared with Kremer’s first trial, deworming was a bargain. Textbooks cost $2 to $3 each. Deworming pills were as little as 49 cents. When Kremer calculated the kids’ bump in lifetime wages…

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Dear Kenyan Girl

I have been hearing about #MyDressMyChoice and trying to justify your claims at whatever the cost.Those men who came out to rally against you also had a right? 
In a society that everything now you claim ‘its my right this, its my right that’.Know and understand stand that your extent of freedom diminishes at my doorstep of infringement.
I have a question. Can you walk upto your father and ask for something dressed like that?This are the rules of the jungle. I cannot take you to meet my parents in such a way as a man in locks would find it hard to be before your mother.
If I understand the bible well, in Deuteronomy 22:5 speaks about men not wearing women clothing and women not wearing men clothing.That is the bible saying. But today,even women pastors of big churches in Nairobi try to fit in trousers and you look at them on TV.”preaching”.Which bible do they read? How many are christians in Kenya?  82% of the population,actually.
I respect women but this should be earned,not given.Moreso,the same Bible, in 1 Timothy 2:9 asks women to wear in modest apparelled, note it doesn’t say decent, without expensive jewelry and not braided hair for all who profess to worship God.
Pastors, we the sheep are always faithful. Following what you say,but on this do the Bible justice and sugar-coat the word.
Women understand that this body is the temple of The Holy Spirit. He dwells therein. Even a “small” sin you commit,He just leaves you.
Kenya is a respectable nation and everyone let’s hold it together.
Get the message straight because no upright minded man would allow his woman to show off her body to the world, and if you find one he is just using you.
As for me,I won’t and am out.

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